Locksmith Sheffield


Locksmith Sheffield

Local family Business!
Latest Update: 2nd December, 2012
Pennine Security Solutions have grown quickly to become the leading supplier of locksmith services in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

The success of our Sheffield based locksmith company is built upon our extensive experience in the locksmith and security industry and the good relationships held between our locksmiths and commercial clients across South Yorkshire.

We guarantee satisfaction and good client support exceeding anything a large national locksmith firm could offer, all supplied at reasonable rates.

To book an appointment with Mike, your local locksmith Sheffield call direct on 07917-421-482.

Winter tips

During the winter periods our locksmiths in Sheffield attend numerous jobs where the uPVC door locks have failed.

Its no co-incidence! The plastic in your uPVC door contracts in the cold weather throwing the alignment of the locking mechansim slightly out with the keep.

If you feel that your door has started to feel stiff when locking it is a good sign that you need your door re-adjusting. It is not always neccessary however repeated forcing of the lock will undoubtedly lead to failure.

A jammed closed uPVC door lock is a locksmiths worst nightmare and can be an expensive fix.

If your door is feeling under the weather this winter, give us a call for help, advice or to book a local locksmith in Sheffield.